Power Rack 20

5.04kWh (48V 105Ah)
Lithium Battery
ES100 Module

ES100 is designed for backup power, solar off-grid, and residential energy storage systems, with good compatibility, high energy density, fashionable design, and safe long-time cycling.

Customers are able to form a battery storage system with a larger capacity through parallel connection (up to 32 units) by using a certain number of ES100, which can satisfy their energy demands in the long run. ES100 can typically meet your request for applications with high operating temperatures, limited installation space, and requiring long power backup time and long service life.


• Safe and compact: lithium iron phosphate battery cell with high energy density, compact
• Parallel connection: support up to 32 modules in parallel for longer backup time
• Comprehensive protection: protection against overcharge, over-discharge, over-current,
over-temperature, under-temperature and short-circuit
• High capacity and longer life: 90% DOD and 6000 cycles life
• CAN communication: Support external CAN communication, compatible with leading
inverter brands
• RS485 communication: Support parallel communication via RS485
• Support short-time high-current charge and discharge
• Universal positive and negative terminals, convenient for users to install
• Coming standard with 300A parallel copper bus bar
• Optional simple mounting brackets and RACK cabinet with IP65 protection grade
• Equipped with intelligent BMS for each battery pack to manage modules effectively
• Practical pull ear design improves operation convenience
• Good ventilation and low noise

Capacity (kWh)5.04
Work Voltage Range(Vdc)42~54.75
Charge Voltage (Vdc)53.5
Charging/ Discharging Current(A)52.5
Maximum Charging/Discharging
Current (A)
2S Peak Current(A)120
2S Peak Power(kW)5.76
Cycle Life6000 Cycles life, 90%DOD
CommunicationCAN, RS485
Protection DegreeIP20
Weight (kg)41
Dimension (mm)(L*W*H)482*445*133
Operating temperatureDischarge:-20℃~+55℃
Recommended Operating TemperatureDischarge:+15℃~+35℃
Storage: -20℃~+35℃
Cooling methodNatural heat dissipation
CE EN 61000-6-1:2007, EN IEC 61000-6- 2:2019,
EN 61000-6-3:2007+A1: 2011/AC:2012,
EN IEC 61000-6-4:2019
Power Rack 20

10.08kWh Lithium Battery
Power Stack 10

(48V 210Ah)

Power Stack 10 is our latest 48V 210Ah 10.08kWh lithium battery pack. With high energy density, good compatibility, compact design, and long cycle life, it is a perfect solution for backup power, off-grid, and residential ESS applications.

Distinct from our ES100, Power Stack 10 supports wall-mounting installation, saving your floor installation space. Own to the double capacity of the ES100 module, it saves your installation cost and simplifies the complex wiring.


• Larger capacity, higher power output
• Safest lithium iron phosphate battery cell with high energy density
• Modular design, support up to 16 units in parallel, and only need to set the DIP switch of
the master in parallel connection
• Compact and wall-mounted design, saving floor installation space
• Comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation, and handles on both sides for
convenient carrying
• 10.08kWh design, saving installation cost and simplifying the wiring
• Built-in 200A circuit breaker for over-current protection
• Perfect compatibility
• 6000 cycles life, 90% DOD

Model Power Stack 10
Nominal Voltage (V)48
Work Voltage Range (V)42~54.5
Nominal Capacity (Ah)210
Nominal Energy (kWh)10.08
Nominal Power (kW)5.04
Max Power (kW)10.08
1S Peak Power (kW)11.52
1S Peak Current (A)240
Charging Current (A)105
Maximum Charging Current (A)210
Discharging Current (A)105
Maximum Discharging Current (A)210
Cycle Life90%DOD,6000 cycles life
Operating temperatureDischarge:-20℃~55℃
Recommended Operating TemperatureDischarge:15℃~30℃
Storage TemperatureStorage:0℃~35℃
Cooling methodNatural cooling
Protection DegreeIP21
Dimension (mm) (L*W*H)500*210*900mm(42mm kickstand is included)
Weight (kg)90
Power Rack 20

20.16kWh Lithium Battery
Power Rack20

(4xES100: 420Ah-20.16kWh

Power Rack 20

1 unit Power Rack 20 consists of 4 units ES100 Lithium Battery Module 
(48V, 5.04kWh, 105Ah)

Power Rack 20

The cabinet supports stack installation. (up to 2×20.16kWh=40.32kWh)

ModelPower Rack 20
Dimension (mm)570*600*800
Weight (kg)43kg Rack Cabinet+84kg Battery Modules=127kg
Capacity (Ah)420
Capacity (kWh)20.16
Battery TypeES100 Lithium Battery Model