Carport Mounting System

Anodized AL6005-T5 and Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

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solar carport mounting

Carport Solar Mounting System

The carport aluminum mounting system is suitable for different concrete floors. It is characterized by a lightweight, strong structure, and recyclable materials, the carport mounting has been installed at the factory, can be directly unfolded during installation, and can be installed immediately with rail components, etc. Own to the highly pre-assembled components, the on-site installation process is less, which highly improves the installation efficiency.


  1. Good heat absorption.
  2. Good waterproof and rain protection, convenient installation, and flexibility.
  3. Make full use of the original site to provide green energy.
  4. Suitable for frame panel: Poly modules, double glass modules, etc.


Wind LoadUp to 30-45m/s
Snow Load1.4kn/m2
Span Range0.1-1.8M
Main MaterialAnodized AL6005-T5, Hot Dip Galvanized Steel, SUS304
Components MaterialSUS304
Applicable ComponentsFramed or frameless
Applicable ArrangementHorizontal or vertical
StandardAS/NZS1170, JIS C8955:2017, GB50009-2012, DIN 1055, IBC 2006
Warranty Time10 years
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