Reflective Anti-grass Cloth

Yinmoku has High Reflective Grass-control cloth and Standard Grass-control cloth.

Strong tensile strength, High Reflectivity, Strong Shading.

reflective cloth, reflective fabric

High Reflective Anti-grass Cloth

  • High-quality aluminum film (reflective aluminum film, professional thermal insulation material)
  • Thickened pearl cotton (good heat insulation effect, environmental protection and no peculiar smell) – Contact us for mor information
  • Aluminum film has a strong reflection effect on light waves
  • Strong waterproof (one-time molding, no water seepage)


  • Reflective cloth: aluminum film (table) + glass fiber (adhesive layer) + PE (bottom)
  • Tape: aluminum film (sheet) + fiberglass (adhesive layer) + acrylic adhesive + release paper
  • Ground nails: galvanized iron
  • Gasket: PE
Packing size (m/roll)1.2*250
Weight (g/m)160
Tensile strength (n/m㎡)Horizontal 100
Vertical 250
Elongation (%)2
Aluminum Purity (%)99.9
anti-grass cloth, grass-proof cloth

Standard Anti-grass Cloth

  • Non-reflective
  • Weed control and weed suppression
  • Water permeable and breathable
  • Tensile and wear-resistant
  • Easy installation

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