Ground Screw Pile

Affordable Price with Durable Quality, and Customizable

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Product Specification

Length Outer Diameter Pile Thickness Flange Plate Blades Material
1000-4000m φ76mm 2.5-4.0mm 200mm/2200mm
Regular Q235B
φ89mm Four
φ114mm Two

Construction Method


Measure the position where the screw pile is driven into and located it. As with the sun setting on the roof, mark it with lines or cones, etc. If this position is not correct, deformation will occur when setting the stand, which will affect subsequent processes.


Use special heavy machinery to drive the screw piles vertically on the ground. Install special accessories on pile heads and heavy machinery. In order to prevent tilting, screw ground piles need to be driven vertically into the ground.

Horizontal Alignment

Adjust the driving depth of the screw pile. Confirm the driving angle of the screw pile while considering the inclination of the land. The depth and angle of different piles are different, which will affect the setting of the stand.

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