Flat Roof Ballast Mounting System

  1. There is no need to use expansion bolts or chemical bolts on the roof, and there is no damage to the roof.
  2. A combination of high-quality aluminum components makes a robust, reliable system that is quick and easy to install.
ballast solar mounting system1200x750 t50

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ballast solar mounting system1200x750 t50

Flat Roof Ballasted Mounting System Features

  1. Utilization of maximum available area.
  2. Installation of maximum quantity of photovoltaic panels.
  3. Optimization of both roof space utilization and photovoltaic panel installation.
  4. Improved panel efficiency/output.
  5. Solar PV can be installed quickly and easily on a flat roof with a 10-degree tilt.
  6. All parts are made of extruded aluminum and fastened with stainless steel 304 screws.
  7. The system includes EPDM foam tape that separates the roof from the system.
  8. The EPDM foam tape enhances friction and compensates for height differences when the roof is uneven.

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