YM-MPS-V MAX Hybrid Solar Inverter

✔ Off-grid
✔ On-grid
✔ Hybrid

RGB automatically switches with the working mode of the inverter:

  • Battery mode: red;
  • Utility mode: blue;
  • PV mode: purple.


1, Pure sine wave solar inverter(on/off Grid)
2, Inverter running without battery
3, Output power factor 1.0
4, High PV input voltage range(90~500VDC)
5, WIFI&GPRS available for IOS and Android
6, Built-in anti-dusk kit for harsh environment
7, Built-in 160A(for 7.2KW/8.2KW)/180A(for 10.2KW)MPPT solar charge
8, Smart battery charge design to optimize battery life
9, One-click restoration to factory Settings
10, Dual output
11, Built-in Lithium battery automatic activation
12, Touch button


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