H1Z2Z2-K Twin Core Solar Cable EN 50618

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  • Electron-beam cross-linked compounds;
  • 10 years of Production Experience In Solar Cable
  • Stable conduction and reduced maintenance costs
  • Anticipated service life -25 years outdoors
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EN 50618 H1Z2Z2-K Twin Core Solar Cable
Cable Name Cross Section
Cable O.D.
Conductor Resistance
H1Z2Z2-K Single Core
2x1.5 30/0.25 4.70x9.60 13.7
2x2.5 49/0.25 5.20x10.60 8.21
2x4.0 56/0.285 5.50x11.20 5.09
2x6.0 84/0.285 6.10x12.40 3.39
2x10 77/0.4 7.20x14.70 1.85
2x16 126/0.4 8.80x17.90 1.24
2x25 196/0.4 10.80x21.90 0.795
2x35 276/0.4 12.40x25.10 0.565
Voltage Rating(Uo/U): DC: 1500V
Temperature Rating:
Rated: -40°C to +90°C
Max. conductor temp: +120°C
Short Circuit: +250°C
Testing Standard:
Smoke Density Test: transmittance≥60% EN50618
Cold Bending Test : -40°C±2°C no crack EN60811-504
Test Voltage: 6500V AC
Minimum Bending Radius:
Ø≤12mm 4 x overall diameter
Ø>12mm 10 x overall diameter

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  1. Yinmoku

    nice twin core solar cable

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